Tuesday, December 9, 2008


so last christmas cambria wanted butterscotch a 280$ horse that she could sit on and he would move. and for only thirty dollars more she could feed him a carrot and comb his hair so a total of 310$ plus tax. will cams would not let the damn horse thing go, so finally i had to brake the news that butterscotch was to big to fit in santas sleigh,but he could bring a baby butterscotch. cambria said ok but he had to look the same and have a comb and carrots. so i finally found one for a rip off 80$.so over the year we thought she lose her interest. oh no. the horse goes everywhere with her. to the park, down the slide on the swings. on family trips, she dresses him everyday, she ask me butterscotch stayed in bed does he get a surprise. should i curl or straighten butterscotches hair, butterscotch needs hair spray. i need to bath butterscotch, you get the point.
this year there is no butterscotch but there is a smores, so what does my girls want you guessed it smores. so i found smores at costco for 170 with the carrots and comb. do i spoil my daughter and have santa give it to her? if she treats smores the way she takes care of baby butterscotch it is so worth the 170$ plus tax


The Coccimiglios said...

i lovehow much Cams loves baby butterscotch. I can't wait to see her face when she sees Smores, you better get that on video!

Kelly O. said...

This is SO funny!! I love it!

Our Crazy Family said...

YES--you can spoil her, how could you not--she is ADORABLE! Just be glad you don't have 6 kids yet--then it gets a lot more expensive to spoil them!

Noelle said...

We parents are such suckers!! Go for it. What the heck. It's only $170 (ha ha). My advice... have the camcorder ready on Christmas morning. I have a feeling you're going to get a pretty great reaction.