Thursday, March 24, 2011

going green

In the morning before school Jeff starts the car for it to warm up then goes back into the house. When he comes out he asked the kids who turned the car off. Ethan says dad I did you are polluting the ozone layer, and how many times do I have to tell you Im going Green.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sienna just makes me laugh, a girl with few words, but with lots of personality. Every few days i will find her with lip gloss falling off her face.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High school musical

cambria just told me she is sharpay and not gabriella because gab. only has one boyfriend and sharpay has like a ton of fans and is fabulous, just like her "my shoes are fabulous, my hair is fabulous, my shirt is fabulous, my toys are fabulous" and so on. wow shes got great self esteem

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stop reading!!!!!

One of our biggest struggles with Ethan is to get him to play at recess time, Ive bribed him and that works for a little bit, Ive talked with his teacher to assign him a friend, that doesnt seem to work. And now Im threatening him
Me -Ethan If you dont play with anyone today Im going to just have you come home from school at lunch
Ethan- but mom math is after lunch and i love math
me- Ethan if you dont play with someone, i wont let you stay at school for math!!!
Another time at a play ground Ethan was reading a book instead of playing and i yelled for all the moms around me to hear "Ethan stop reading and go play"
I know a little backwards, but thats what you get with ethan, and if thats the worst then im ok with it. We keep working on it last night i role played with him how to go up to a friend and and talk and play with them. He is pretty good with the role play we just need to get better with the follow through.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


With Aspergers you take things literally ,there has been a few times Ethan has taken things literally and they make me laugh

one time Ethan was telling me something really cool and i say "shutup!"
Ethan stops talking and says mom why did you tell me to shut up, I to him I thought what he was saying was really cool.

Another time we were at the beach and Ethan started shaking the sand off his towel and it was right by everyone. My mom says Ethan take your towel down to the water away from us.
Ethan takes the towel and gets it soaked in the water, as we yell Ethan stop no.... He comes back up to us and we say Ethan why would you put the towel in the water
Ethan says grandma told me to take it to the water.

This story is my fAVORITE example.......

then had to explain Im in the car with the kids and they start playing the game raise your hand if...This is how it goes

Cambria: Raise your hand if you think dads funny
Ethan: Raise your hand if you think Siennas a chubbers
This goes back and forth a few more times then
Ethan:Raise your hand if you think mom has a hot body
Now Im thinking ok cool my son thinks i have a good body
Tyler: Ethan I have a hot body, really?
Ethan: ya mom Your bodies super hot. Thats why i come in your room at night and cuddle with you, you keep me so warm because you bodies so hot.
Oh man, is that what he means, I was feeling all good about myself.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Middle

Tonights conversation about the show the middle went like this
Ethan-Mom I love watching the middle with you because I love you ,Mom why does the little boy whisper
Mom- Will Ethan you know how you squeeze your face,and you say you cant control it, will thats how he is, it soothes him like squeezing your face soothes you.
Ethan- Mom we are meant to be, if he was real we would be best friends, he does things uncontrollable same as me, we are both eight, and we both love books.
It was cute because the little boy on the show has Aspergers and is really similar to Ethan.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

silly bands

cambria shows me a silly band and says mom its a bitch, me: what? Cambria : its a bitch ,its shaped like a half bat half witch so i call it a bitch. .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Im sure there will be lots of stories about the Titanic, since with Aspergers one of the characteristics is you can obsess about topics. Im not sure where the fascination with the titanic started but its been a fascination for about two years now. I never knew there were so many books for kids out there. So here are just a few stories....
Last night at dinner Ethan says lets play a game.....
Ethan"where did captain Edward john smith die?"
US"the titanic"
Ethan "no where on the titanic"
Cambria got it right with, in the room where you drive the ship.
Ethan" next question, where on the titanic would cambria like her room?"
Everyone that knows cams, knows the answer is.... 1st class.
Ethan" ok , where did the titanic get hit, and and did the bolts pop out, or did the bottom get cut?"
Us " ????"
Ethan" on the sides the bolts popped out, and on the bottom it was cut open"
Will, this game went on for 20 Questions.
If you ever need to know anything about the titanic call Ethan.
One more story about the titanic....
Ethan was reading a book about what came from america and after every date I would hear 1920 the year a blender was made only12 yr after the titanic sailed , oh good kids had Teddy bears on the titanic because they came 10 yrs before the titanic, pilgrims came312 yrs before the titanic,people sang happy birthday on the titanic because it was written 22yrs before the titanic left from south Hampton England.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ethan only dates girls with freckles

ethan "mom im in love with page from the first moment i saw her." Me " does she have freckles." ethan "not sure i havent really seen her face, mom i dont know why but all the girls i date, since preschool have freckles." Me"what happen to jada?' ethan " oh i broke up with her because she brook my heart. mom all the girls i date i kiss too." so my 8 year old, dates , kisses and breaks up with girls.