Sunday, February 27, 2011

The things my kids say or do

Every day , at least once a day , funny things will come out of our mouths, Then you forget about them. Will, I thought of restarting my blog to post everyday things that make me laugh, so if im having a bad moment i can come read my blog. Hopefully others will get a kick out of my life too. Lots of my post will be about Ethan, Because of his Asperger syndrome, the cutest most funny stuff happens because of him. Dont get me wrong there is negative things that come with it, but i also think everyone has issues that can not be the normal. So i am greatful he is this way because if he didnt have aspergers lots of these stories would not happen.
So heres my first story......
Today we celebrated my father in laws birthday he turned 66. This conversation was between grandpa and ethan.
Ethan"Grandpa how old are you"
Ethan pauses for a minute......"Grandpa, I have a problem with that, 39 is still quite young"
Grandpa" yes Ethan im not old"
Ethan" will if you were 39 you would still have hair on your head, and you would not need glasses."


angelj44 said...

Tyler - I love hearing all of Ethan's fun comments! He's going to be a heart breaker. On Amazing Race right now their is a team with a team member who has Aspergers if you're curious.
I'm excited to keep up to date on your blog.

linnylou said...

what a fun post and special kid!

tori said...

that is one of the best stories ever. i love that kid