Thursday, November 12, 2009

check out cozy bands blog

i just got some new pics look how cute here

Saturday, November 7, 2009

all you people at south town mall can shut up!

So the other day i was at the mall with the three kids, and we went into Claires, Cambria sees the earings and says i want my ears pierced . I dont really care so i say ok. so we picked out the ones she wants, and she gets so excited, then the lady wants to see my id, i dont know maybe i dont look 18 yet. Well i dont have it, so we leave. Cams gets sad, so we see one more place, and they will do it, so i pay and cams starts freaking out, i already payed so after15 minutes she say ok i want to. so we do the one ear and she freaks out kicking and screaming, people are looking at me like why are you making you daughter do this and i explain to people she begged me. People are telling me she can start a trend with one earing, others say maybe its already infected, really after a minute, i dont think so. People are stopped and telling her its ok while giving me the evil eye, and saying they fell so bad for her, so im trying to talk her down for about 25 minutes, so finally she wont i tell the guy ill hold her just do the other ear. she started screaming bloody murder but we get it done. she stops crying and says ok lets go to the hello kitty store,shes totaly fine. Drama queen!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009