Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to Brag!!!!

Dont worry Im not going to brag about my kids, this post is all about me and how awsome i am. I mean I could brag about my kids... For example Seinna is so advance I mean she is only 31/2 and she says like 30 words, amazing she even gets to go to early preschool because she needs to be challenged more. Then there is Cambria , she is the most amazing actress, she can cry over a drop of a hat, and real tears and her drama is amazing, she hasnt even had acting lessons. Ethan , I cant say enough about his social skills, he has so many friends, he cant even decide who to play with at school, and i mean ever, I think he doesnt want to leave anyone out so he plays with no one so he doesn't hurt anyones fellings, how sweet is he. Now enough about them, heres what i did, all by myself, no help from the husband, I made these from scratch, they were just flat pieces of wood, I even made the drawers.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I love how marcus only had one front tooth forever

Mothers day

The kids filled out a thing for mothers day about me. A few of the answers made me laugh,
the question asked what does your mother say alot......
Cambria- "clean up the house"
Ethan "i love you"
Sienna "daddy"
So cams thinks im bossy and ethan thinks im sweet
The last question was what does your mom like to do
Seinnas was the best thou when asked what does mommy like to do........daddy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ethan has a hard time lying, if he starts laughing and says i dont know why i laugh uncontrolable, that means he is lying. Jeff decided to go see a movie with Ethan ,they stop at the dollar store to get candy and soda. While buying the tickets jeff hides the candy and soda in Ethans jacket, and zips it up. Then Jeff hears Ethan talking very loudly to him self " Something does not seem quite right about this situation, this is really strange hiding stuff in my jacket" THen while Jeff is talking to the ticket person Ethan again loudly to Jeff "Dad this does not feel right, I dont think
I should hide candy in my coat." This happen right after he was baptized maybe he was trying to be good.
On the other hand Cambria has no problem lying in fact she comes up with great stories without any problems. One example was ,we were getting a manicure, and then someone called and I relized i was suppose to be somewhere now I couldnt leave for 45 minutes so I tell cambria we cant wait for your nails to dry we have to leave here fast. She then says mom dont tell them we were getting manicures just lie and say we had to go to aunt kimmies house because she really needed our help. Again not sure if kids can be quite, she said this so loud all the other ladies in the salon started to laugh