Thursday, June 30, 2011

best looking allen

When we were at Oceanside , my cousin told me this funny story that happen between her and Ethan. We were in her hotel room and every day Ethan would spot her candy. One night he wanted a pack of nerds so he asked her and she said she would give him one when we left. When Ethan wants something he wont let it go , so he keep asking and telling me we had to go so he could get his treat. So I told Ethan why dont you tell Katie something nice. So he goes in her room and says "Kati I like you, now can I have the nerds." She gave them to him , he thought he was pretty smart and told her son "hey I told your mom I like you and she gave me nerds".
Later that night he really wanted to play with her phone, here's their conversation
Ethan-can I play on your phone
Katie- not now Im playing a game
Ethan -Katie I like you
Katie-maybe later
Ethan-Katie I love you
Katie_Ethan thanks but Im playing a game
Ethan-Katie you are the best looking Allen
guess who got the phone after that


Tami said...

HA! I love this! :)