Saturday, March 5, 2011


With Aspergers you take things literally ,there has been a few times Ethan has taken things literally and they make me laugh

one time Ethan was telling me something really cool and i say "shutup!"
Ethan stops talking and says mom why did you tell me to shut up, I to him I thought what he was saying was really cool.

Another time we were at the beach and Ethan started shaking the sand off his towel and it was right by everyone. My mom says Ethan take your towel down to the water away from us.
Ethan takes the towel and gets it soaked in the water, as we yell Ethan stop no.... He comes back up to us and we say Ethan why would you put the towel in the water
Ethan says grandma told me to take it to the water.

This story is my fAVORITE example.......

then had to explain Im in the car with the kids and they start playing the game raise your hand if...This is how it goes

Cambria: Raise your hand if you think dads funny
Ethan: Raise your hand if you think Siennas a chubbers
This goes back and forth a few more times then
Ethan:Raise your hand if you think mom has a hot body
Now Im thinking ok cool my son thinks i have a good body
Tyler: Ethan I have a hot body, really?
Ethan: ya mom Your bodies super hot. Thats why i come in your room at night and cuddle with you, you keep me so warm because you bodies so hot.
Oh man, is that what he means, I was feeling all good about myself.


The Alvords said...

That is hilarious! Too bad the word hot still has two meaning huh?

Kelly O. said...

Hahahaha... so funny!! I think you have a hot body in the other sense if it makes you feel any better!

Noelle said...

I can not stop laughing!!! Yep, from the mouths of babes.....

Jen and Johnny said...

Tyler you are smokin' hot!!! Ethan really meant that.... he was just confused!!!! I love that he called Sienna a chubbers~ she is the cutest thing ever!!!

The Coccimiglios said...

That is the best story ever! I love that Ethan. can't wait to see them tomorrow!

CorieW said...

that is so funny! You'll have to remember that one for his wedding day!