Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Im sure there will be lots of stories about the Titanic, since with Aspergers one of the characteristics is you can obsess about topics. Im not sure where the fascination with the titanic started but its been a fascination for about two years now. I never knew there were so many books for kids out there. So here are just a few stories....
Last night at dinner Ethan says lets play a game.....
Ethan"where did captain Edward john smith die?"
US"the titanic"
Ethan "no where on the titanic"
Cambria got it right with, in the room where you drive the ship.
Ethan" next question, where on the titanic would cambria like her room?"
Everyone that knows cams, knows the answer is.... 1st class.
Ethan" ok , where did the titanic get hit, and and did the bolts pop out, or did the bottom get cut?"
Us " ????"
Ethan" on the sides the bolts popped out, and on the bottom it was cut open"
Will, this game went on for 20 Questions.
If you ever need to know anything about the titanic call Ethan.
One more story about the titanic....
Ethan was reading a book about what came from america and after every date I would hear 1920 the year a blender was made only12 yr after the titanic sailed , oh good kids had Teddy bears on the titanic because they came 10 yrs before the titanic, pilgrims came312 yrs before the titanic,people sang happy birthday on the titanic because it was written 22yrs before the titanic left from south Hampton England.