Monday, March 7, 2011

Stop reading!!!!!

One of our biggest struggles with Ethan is to get him to play at recess time, Ive bribed him and that works for a little bit, Ive talked with his teacher to assign him a friend, that doesnt seem to work. And now Im threatening him
Me -Ethan If you dont play with anyone today Im going to just have you come home from school at lunch
Ethan- but mom math is after lunch and i love math
me- Ethan if you dont play with someone, i wont let you stay at school for math!!!
Another time at a play ground Ethan was reading a book instead of playing and i yelled for all the moms around me to hear "Ethan stop reading and go play"
I know a little backwards, but thats what you get with ethan, and if thats the worst then im ok with it. We keep working on it last night i role played with him how to go up to a friend and and talk and play with them. He is pretty good with the role play we just need to get better with the follow through.


angelj44 said...

I love that you roll play with Ethan; you are such a great Mom.

linnylou said...

i love reading your blog tyler! ethan is darling! we'll have to get together some time!